Subhavishyam Kaamwali Didi

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Subhavishyam is a greet to wish Good Future

(Secured Future).


To be recognized as a benchmark Domestic help service provider for quality & responsible service.


To empower unprivileged class by offering the best services to the privileged ones.

18th Dec 2014

Subhavishyam Marketing Consultancy Private Limited  was incorporated with the aim :

“To be recognized as a benchmark Marketing Partner that caters the real needs of customers without compromising on ethical grounds”

Started with Marketing Secured Real Estate investments.

June 2015

Added Marketing services for Plantation, an initiative to compensate our carbon foot prints.

26th Jan 2016

Beginning of Subhavishyam Kaamwali Didi

Story of origin:

Mother of one of the Directors was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The challenges faced during that hardship turned into an opportunity to initiate organized domestic help services.

A strong work force with the stringent background verification & a systematic training was prepared & started the services on 26th January 2016.


     Deepesh Tyagi

    Mr. Deepesh Tyagi, the founder & brain of Subhavishyam. An idea factory & leader by nature. Holds an MBA/PGPM in Finance & Marketing and a Degree in IT. Possess corporate experience of more than 7 years.

     Ekta Katyayana

    Mrs Ekta Katyayana, supporting founder, inspiration & Soul of Subhavishyam. Disciplined, smart worker & punctual.  A Masters’ in Actuarial Science. Possess more than 3 years of corporate experience in multi national companies.

     Pooja Sirvaiya

    Miss Pooja Sirvaiya, the Bhishm of Subhavishyam heads operations. A hard worker, highly dedicated contributor & a responsible Manager.